Aesthetics On Top Your Market or Page For Instagram

Aesthetics On Top Your Market or Page For Instagram

Aesthetics na big word for English, wetin e mean? [tooltips content =’Book for internet wey dey explain many many tins’]Wikipedia[/tooltips] talk sey aesthetics (you fit see esthetics for some book, na same tin) na branch of philosophy wey deal with beauty, taste, and art. How philosophy con concern Instagram?

Another dictionary still explain am to make am easy. E say aesthetics na arrangement wey sweet person eyes and person sense. The main the main tin na say e sweet for eyes.

How Aesthetics Con Affect Your Market On Top Internet?

Today we go gist about how you go take package your market on top Instagram. People dey enter Instagram to get inspiration, see new gist and news, dem still dey enter to buy tins. E mean sey they need to dey see your package well well. If you no package your market well well, people go just waka comot from on top your page go where packaging dey because your package no sweet to look.

Instagram na eye matter

Make I use the pishure wey dey down explain wetin packaging dey do for your market or page on top Instagram. If person tell you make you pick fruit or vegetable for inside the two photo, which one you go pick?



E no hard to know sey you pick B, na wetin me sef go pick. But why? B package him market well well. Na the same idea you fit put for your page and market. Packaging dey serious because na him go make person stay or waka. So wetin you fit do?

Whether you just dey enter Instagram new new or you don tey and you won dey package well, e necessary make you choose the kind package you want, how you won sell your market. Instagram self advise sey make you choose cohesive look. That one mean sey you no dey post pishure scatter scatter, you dey arrange the pishure dem to tell story or as dem take dey call am create theme, wey mean sey you go dey one kind font for designs, and you get special colors wey you dey use.

Find Inspiration

If you won find inspiration, first ask yourself which kind people I dey like follow for Instagram? Dem get pattern wey dem dey follow? If i just land their page, I fit decode wetin their market be? Dem dey use their brand identity for on top of their post?

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Choose Theme

If you don get answer to those questions dem wey dey up, e mean sey you don dey ready to arrange your page. Now na to think of theme wey you won use. E go wise make you fit write your ideas for paper.

  • How you go describe your yourself or your market?
  • Which kind tin you won dey post?
  • If them say make you describe your visual theme which e go be? You go say you like loud loud things, or you be like me wey just like make everytin simple simple. For example, me I like black, wey no get plenty design, some poeple dey wey like to get color color for their tins, na so you be?

If you fit answer dis question dem, small small you don arrange how you won take be. You fit do quiz to take know the kind theme wey fit you and if you dey find idea, you fit click here.

Editing Pishure

If na say you pick minimalist theme, abi na vintage or rainbow theme for that quiz for up, you go need to think how you won dey edit your pishure dem. Plenty apps and softwares dey to edit your pishure dem. Photoshop dey, Gimp dey, VSCO dey, Snapseed too dey, them plenty. Just find the one wey easy you to use.

See some apps wey you fit use edit pishure

Plan Your Post – Schedule

As you don decide wetin you won do, na to dey arrange your post remain. Apps dey wey dey help person post for Instagram and other places wey your market dey for on top Internet like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. I go soon write about the apps wey dey and the ones wey I dey use.

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