Gmail – Some New Tins Wey You Fit Do On Top Am

Gmail – Some New Tins Wey You Fit Do On Top Am

If you no get Google account all these years, you sure sey you dey earth so? Because if you sabi computer or get Android phone, you must sabi sey to get Google account dey very important. Na that Google you go for see Gmail.

Every time, Google dey always bring new tins on top their services dem like Gmail (wey person dey take receive and send email). E normal if we no see some of the new tins dem. No be sey person dey siddon on top computer everyday dey wait new tin wey dem won put. Das why I write this post, so you go fit see some of the new tins dem wey don dey. All the tins wey I won write about, na on top computer you fit see am o.

Change Signatures As You Dey Type.

If you one send message give person for email, you get chance to write small tory about yourself for down, like your name, work wey you dey do, phone number and small small other things. Oyinbo dey call am signature.

If na before when I first dey use Gmail, I go go my setting write my signature for there, so that anytime wey I wan send message the signature go just automatically join the message wey I dey write. And if na sey I no won use that signature, maybe I no wan make the person wey I won send message give know sey I be tailor, I wan make e think sey I be hairdresser or sey I get different number for different business but na that same email I dey use, e mean sey I go need get different signature. Instead make I dey delete dey change every time, e don easy now to dey change signature,

gmail signature page

See that picture wey dey up, na so e dey be if you won send message. If you won change signature, na to press that picture wey resemble biro for down. Once your computer hand reach there before your even press am, you go see that tory wey dey inside blue box for inside that picture for up. From there you fit set different signature and you fit dey select anyone wey you want use anytime wey you won send message.

Sharp Sharp Setting

These days ehn, nobody won siddon dey read plenty talk, every tin na rush. We chop na rush, we waka na rush, we talk na rush, we read book sef na still rush. That’s why Gmail sef dey arrange new tins wey go help person rush.

For the corner of your Gmail for computer for up for right, you go see settings. if na before, if you won change some small small tins dem for your Gmail, you go dey find am for inside settings and that settings plenty no be small. But now Gmail don make am easy small with wetin dem call Quick Settings

gmail quick setting page

For inside dat quick settings, you go see setting to change as you wan dey see your messages. If you wan squeeze the inbox message dem make all the message dem near well, or if you wan make your attachment dem dey show for normal inbox before you open the message. If you wan change your theme too, e dey there and other kind setting. But if na big setting you dey find your go press See all settings.

Secret Message

With gmail you fit send message wey you no want make another person see except person wey you send am give. Them dey call am [tooltips content=’E mean sey your message go be secret between you and person wey you send give’]Confidential Mode[/tooltips].

If you send message give person for on top confidential mode, person wey you send the message give no go fit send am give another person, e no go fit download the message and the message go expire when the time wey you set reach. You fit even set the email with password wey Gmail go send to the person number when dem wan open the email, only be sey the password own no dey work for Nigeria now.

Confidential Mode of Gmail Set

Gmailify – Use Differen Emails On Top One Email

E get plenty tins I like on top Gmail, but e be like sey na dis one I like pass. I get differen differen email wey no be Gmail. I get Yahoo, I get webmail, I get Microsoft email, I get Apple mail join too and I fit open all my emails dem on top Gmail. Na wetin dem dey call Gmailify be dat. I no need dey open differen differen email on top my computer or phone. All the email message wey I dey get go just show on top my Gmail.

Add another email to gmail screen

To set am easy. Press Settings -> See All Settings -> Account and Import -> Check Email From Other Accounts -> Add An Email Account and do wetin dem dey write for screen.

Gmailify Prompt Screen

If I dey use Gmailify I fit check, on top my Gmail account, and I still fit reply email wey person send give like sey na dem send am give….e make sense bah?

But if na sey you just won dey use your Gmail dey send message like sey no be your Gmail you use, you still fit do am. If na dat setting you dey find, press Settings -> See All Settings -> Account and Import -> Send Mail As -> Add Another Email Address