How To Take Link Your Terms & Conditions For Instagram If You No Get Website

How To Take Link Your Terms & Conditions For Instagram If You No Get Website

Many market people for on top Instagram don get problem with people wey buy market from them because them no get terms & conditions. Some people fit buy market finish change their mind sey the market no fine so make you change am or another person sef fit put mouth spoil your market after them don pay, wahala go con burst.

Even if you no get website, you know sey you fit get your terms and conditions for on top Instagram?

Oya How?

Some people go write for their profile for up – No Returns or Refunds XXX, Goods Bought Cannot Be Exchanged, Part Payment Not Accepted, WhatsApp Only. Ahn ahn, wetin? Me if I see that kind tin, na comot I dey so o. I no buy again, except sey I know you reach house and how many people know you reach house for Instagram, make we talk true. That’s why you need this scope.

The tins wey you go need to get that kind document for Instagram na Terms & Condition Document, Google Drive, and profile (or any other link in bio app wey you dey use). Remember sey you need write the Terms & Conditions make e pay you and your customer if trouble dey tomorrow

First Tin – Upload Your Document Go Google

Google get plenty plenty tins wey business people fit use, one of them na Google Drive. To use am, you go need Google account, if you no get press here make you fit get your own for free

When you don open your Google account finish, you go need go Google Drive go upload the document. Make sure sey the document don already dey PDF. If you know how to upload go Google Drive, you fit jump go second step, but if you no know, you fit watch my video to take see how you go do am.

Second Tin – Put Your Link For Instagram

To put your link for Instagram you fit just edit your profile put the link for there. But for better packaging especially if you get other links wey you go like your customer them to see, then you go need put am for your link or linkin bio or any other one wey you dey use. I don explain how to take get account before for here.

As you don put am there now, you go fit easily tell customer sey make them check your link for your Terms and Agreement. If e gree them, them buy.

If you don do your own, you fit comment for down make I know as you take do am.